OurTreatment Plant

In June 2013, the Woodruff-Roebuck Water District opened its water treatment plant on Kitchens Road, near the confluence of the North and South Tyger rivers in Roebuck.

The facility, which treats 900 million to 1 billion gallons of water each year, allowed the water district to independently meet the needs of its constituents for the first time in the district’s history. The plant also ensures that the district is well-equipped to support the growth of the Upstate as a residential, small business and manufacturing hub.

Completion of the plant was result of a decades-long process to secure alternative water sources for the region. The plant contains a number of facilities, including an operations building to house administrative and personnel areas, chemical day tanks and feeders, operator control room, a laboratory and associated facilities, a chemical storage and containment area, an on-site treated water storage reservoir, a pumping station and electrical facilities.

The treatment plant can draw from either the North or South Tyger rivers, or both if needed.

The plant provides clean, reliable water to nearly 10,000 customers in an area that stretches just south of Spartanburg to Enoree and from the Willow Creek area to Roebuck.